I am a visual artist/photographer from Jaipur, India. After receiving my education in architecture, I pursued photography as a full time career. An avid lover of art, beauty and design, my work usually revolves around the same. The desire of making something unique and not adhering to one genre has made me work on assignments of varied nature. One day I am documenting architecture and the next day I am engrossed in capturing a wedding – working in such diverse situations has always helped me learn and grow both as a person and as a photographer. Currently, I am loving the learning process and the journey and hoping that during this process I would really find myself.

Artistic Approach :

“My work is not a story nor it is a message.It is more like an expression of the state of mind.Neither style nor theme rules my art.
The medium is not important to me but rather the exploration of the world inside.What I try to show is my way of viewing a particular thought or a feeling .”

Since childhood I had these huge bursts of imaginative energy which confused me as I found it extremely difficult to express myself by just the means of traditional drawing ,that kind of variation is evident in the body of work today. I always used to think of myself as a scuba diver going down into the depths of the ocean in search of a treasure not knowing what he will find.

I was educated as an architect but was raised as a mystic in a traditional Hindu family chanting mantras and worshipping deities. Both of which had a huge impact on my work. I have polar influences. I am interested in science but I find mythology to be intriguing. I love reading about scientists but I find shamans equally important .I am interested in shapes,I am interested in forms but there is a strong attraction towards abstracts as well.

During my study of architecture I came across a manifesto by the artists Adolph Gottlieb and Mark Rothko which stated the following convictions:

” 1.) To us art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk .
2.) The world of imagination is fancy -free and violently opposed to common sense.”

In some strange manner I was able to relate to the first two points very deeply because they resonated with me precisely.

Through the work getting produced I get a sense of balance and calmness , the process is like meditation .I try to convey the same through them.There is no strong narrative to my works and some of them end up being without a title because I seek an initial response towards the composition .The work is not me, it is just the by product of a vision and an intuition.


  • 2019 – Artworks Exhibited at Saatchi Screen Project ,Saatchi Gallery London
  • 2018 – Weddingsutra Favourite Wedding Photographer
  • 2018 – Gold Medal Eyewin International Photography Awards (Sports  Category), Alliance Française de Delhi, Silver Medal Eyewin International Photography Awards (Nature Category), Alliance Française de Delhi , Honorable Mention, (Photomanipulation Category), Alliance Française de Delhi
  • 2017 – Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Jaipur by Zankyou Weddings
  • 2017 – Designer Spotlight by Wacom India
  • 2016 – Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Jaipur by Tell you what Jaipur
  • 2015 – Finest wedding portfolio in India by Canvera
  • 2015 – Winner of “Beauty In Everything “ by Light and Life Academy ,Ooty
  • 2014 – Winner of “Life In Pink City” by Jaipur Art Festival

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