Akshit and Munmun-the moment you interact with these guys you realise what a powerhouse together they are. Akshit is mostly silent and has been  my support system for some of the major shoots that I have executed. On the other hand Munmun is a girl full of life and jokes (trust me she got a joke for every situation).

Together these two form a great pair.

A few words by Akshit on how he felt about all of it.

So, the story goes like this  Munmun and I met on an online dating site and kept on dating  till one year, none of us proposed , it was mutual understanding between us and we continued to stay together for 5 more years after our first meeting. This journey was full of love and fights , loads of laughs and giggles. I am an architect and Munmun is an artist , the reason of this long relation was our creative minds that attract and hold us together each and every single time when we indulge in a conversation. It is just like she catches my thoughts even before I speak. The connection is strong between us two and it has just grown stronger with the passage of time.

Our cultures are really different , so the rituals doubled when it came to our wedding. However our wedding  took place according to Bengali traditions. She came with her face covered in paan leaves, seated on a wooden plank lifted by her brothers. Looking at her all dressed in the bridal outfit bought back all the memories that I had with her by my side. We were finally stepping into a new future all together and everybody was celebrating and cherishing our union with full vigour and enthusiasm. The energy throughout the wedding was just magical and I could not  have wished for something better.

Our couple session was executed by Tej and no wonder they came out to be more beautiful than I had imagined. Good work Tej and thank you for such amazing photographs.

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