Ineet and Ankit dated for more than 5 years.Both of them belong to the hospitality Sector and are filled with warmth. They have a taste for art and were the key elements for making the session possible.

Here is the wedding story in the words of Ankit.

Like most others, ours was a chance meeting too; we worked at the same place while we were still in college. Young, tender hearts, waiting to fall in love… And, we did!! Nothing too dramatic about it though.. Met, became friends, attraction grew and BAMM!!  Although it’s nearly impossible to define Love, We guess it means different things to different people. To us, it just felt right to be with each other…

They say Love is tested through years and years that go by and so was ours. We grew closer, and we grew apart, sometimes all at once. Our relationship was tested through good times, bad times, ok times… Sometimes  through thousands of kilometres of distance between us. Safe to say though (at the cost of being corny) Love conquered all !

Luckily, with our parent’s approval and support, the decision to wed was nothing short of a cake-walk. The real challenge lay ahead though, if only you could imagine the complexity of a cross-cultural marriage. Well, we couldn’t!!

The 1 year of preparation started to seem like a really long eternity. The This and the That, the cultures, the norms, the relatives, the meetings, the long, endless discussions.. OH, the discussions!!

We all did eventually agree to have ‘Royal heritage of Rajasthan’ as the common theme of our wedding events. Our Sangeet ceremony at the old, time-tested ‘ITC Rajputana’ set just the right tone for the wedding. The choreographed dance performances by friends and cousins provided all the crazy fun and we couldn’t thank them all enough for being part of this important day with all their hearts.

We think, after all the years that will go by, we wouldn’t be able to think of a better venue than ‘Vidhyadhar Bagh’ for our W-Day. The light, the flowers, the candles, the music and everything else couldn’t have come together better to make the grand spectacle that it was. How the scenes are etched in all our memories is a proof of that!! and this is all thanks to our family & friends who stood strong when everything was falling apart, the event-planner who created magical atmosphere at the venues, the vendors who made it all possible, the caterer whose wonderful food people will remember for many years and the photographers who helped capture all these lovely memories. We hope, we haven’t missed anyone here but even if we have, you live in our hearts even if we occasionally miss to mention you. Cheers!!”

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