As put up by Arzoo:

Firstly, Special thanks to our parent for tolerating our nonsense and supporting us and letting us do this!

Arjan and I met in an architecture college around 8 years back and introduced ourselves with a good fight, but as it is said the first fights generally lead to a good friendship and a good friendship can lead to an amazing love story and the same happened to us.

As we both are architects, our love life was always surrounded by beams, columns, building, and work that it was hard for people around us to understand the love we shared especially our parents.

Never was there a pompous proposal nor a surprise announcement of love for each other, but a mutual understanding of feeling we had for each other. But as “students” in college we always kept our priorities straight i.e. family and our education and thus we saw a lot of ups and down and struggles, we have also celebrated each other success, we have cried, fought, and laughed together. Together we complete each other.

After college, we decided to go separate ways in our life but our destiny brought us together again and we began our practice together. After that we started meeting frequently and with each other’s family and our lost love re-kindled. Then, our families realized that no one better complimented and completed us but each other, with that we got engaged on 31st may,2015.

And with that the preparations started for my dream wedding and Arjan’s nervousness as he always wanted a court marriage and me a full on filmy wedding. As we had an inter-caste wedding, the rituals happened according to hindu wedding with all the rituals of five days.

I designed everything, from house lighting, stage decoration, themes, to our wedding card.

Because of the creative quotient  we had, we also wanted our pictures to represent us. We wanted them to be creative but very personalized too. So we decided  to get the shoot done from someone who knew us, and as Tej is our batchmate, we requested him to do it.

So after all the discussions, agreements, disagreements, we saw the photos and we couldn’t have been happier.

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